Why a Book Stand is the Perfect Accessory for Any Bookworm


A book stand can seem like an unnecessary purchase or one that isn’t necessary at all if you’re using your books on an e-reader or in some other digital format. However, a book stand can be highly beneficial for any reader, whether you read traditional hard copies or electronically. 

A book stand can help ensure that you don’t bend the spine of your valuable books by propping them up the wrong way, and it keeps the weight of the book off your hands and arms while reading, allowing you to read longer without discomfort.


A Brief History

Before Google and Kindles, people turned to books as their source of information. For thousands of years, readers have been considered some of humanity’s greatest inventions and continue to be today, making it no surprise that book stands exist to help us enjoy them better.

 From ancient Egyptians who used statues to hold open texts, book stands have come a long way from those early days. But why should you invest in one? Here are three great reasons To protect your pages and spine. You can read in comfort; It looks fantastic.


What Makes a Good Stand?

When it comes to booking stands, most types are one of two varieties book holders or easels. A suitable book holder will cradle your pages so that you can read without holding your book up, which allows you to reference back and forth between different pages easily.


If you’re into reading in bed, having an easel stand will make it easier to get comfortable while preventing cramping in your wrists and hands. Even if you prefer sitting upright with your spine supported by a couch or recliner, an easel stand will help avoid straining when turning back and forth between pages.


Where Can I Get One?


A bookstand is an under-appreciated piece of equipment because it doesn’t see much action. Unless you’re reading in bed or some other space with limited clearance, you probably don’t take your book stand out to read. Still, it’s one of those things that you can use even when you aren’t reading, turning any hardcover into a decor item. 


There are plenty of stands available at retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Just search book stand if you’re having trouble finding one in stores near you.

How Can I Use It?

When you love to read, you want to do everything you can to keep your books organized and safe. With a book stand by your side, you can prop up your book on any flat surface and read comfortably as if it were in paperback form. 


This is ideal when reading outdoors. For example, you’ll have less glare than an electronic device, and you won’t have to hold it in place with one hand. A book stand also works well at home. If you enjoy sitting around reading with others.


Sometimes, you need to take a step back from your busy life and spend some time with something you love. For many people, that means immersing themselves in a book or magazine, something that’s much easier to do when you’re using an accessory like what is a tha book stand. 


This gadget will hold your reading material at just about any angle, perfect for reading in bed or while sitting on an airplane.


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