9 Things We Can Learn From Steve Jobs.


  1. Love Whatever You Do.

Adding passion into anything we do can make it extraordinary. Steve Jobs loved what he did and did what he loved. Even during his first phase with Apple, he realized that this what he wanted to do. This is something we all should learn from him and incorporate into our lives. And this should be done as early as possible in our lives – preferably during childhood while growing up. 


  1. Get Rid Of Bozos

If you are not familiar with what Bozos are; they are not competent enough, stupid enough to not to consider others which makes them negative people. Steve Jobs made sure he is in a good and productive company which will bring best out of him. That again reinstates the significance of saving our energy and time from people who are not getting us anywhere. Having someone negative in your surroundings suck the motivation, positivity, morale and lowers the immune system too. As a matter of fact, you cannot fire everyone negative in the office but the distance can be maintained in so many ways. Surround yourself with upbeat and energetic people who stay away from gossip, drama, and everything negative. 


  1. Stay In Touch With Art & Culture to Be More Creative

All the creative people stay in touch and stay close to art, culture, and history. Steve Jobs was no different and Apple products are the perfect example for that. Being educated is one thing, having a career is another but creative has a long way to go because they have the ability to discover more avenues than the one they were told. 

“Creativity is all about connecting dots. If you probe creative people how they did something amazing, they get a little guilt-ridden for the fact that they didn’t do anything, they came across something inspirational. It looked obvious to them after a while.” — Steve Jobs


  1. Take Risks.

I know in this write up we are discussing Steve Jobs particularly and what we can learn from him. Yet, when it comes to taking risks in life, business or whichever part of our lives – taking risks and having that leap of faith is essential. Progressing in any department of life requires risks and risks require courage. Success demands courage because without courage and the ability to make decisions, accept fears and failures – success cannot be achieved. Steve Jobs, again, took the biggest risk by launching iPhone, knowing that it has the tendency to obsolete iPod. He was courageous enough to go against the tide and trusted his insight. 

“Your time is restricted, thus don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be imprisoned by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the naysayers and any others’ views shout down your inner voice. Most essentially, be courageous enough to follow your heart and intuition.” — Steve Jobs


  1. Qualifications Do Not Matter. 

It is a known fact that Steve Jobs never graduated from college and today we all want to learn something from him and his success. He made us learn the fact that positive mindset and skills are more substantial than anything. This brings us to the conclusion and breaks the myth that paper qualifications take second place and developing the skills should be our first priority. 


  1. Simplicity Is The Key. 

When Steve Jobs was working on iPods, he instructed the developers to not to keep any buttons at all. The only button on it should be on and off one. The engineers were suspicious about it but Jobs was consistent and the results are with us today. And the “less is more” and simple approach is apparent in all of Apple products. Today, the scroll wheel is a popular feature of IT and in a developed form. We should learn the art of having a laser focus after seeing how essential it is to own. A sharpened mind can help us prioritize everything and eventually everything will fall into its place. Steve Jobs has mentioned it too that focus and simplicity have been his mantras. Simple may look simple and oftentimes is more challenging than the complexed. Hard work makes everything look simple. However, everything is worth it when it’s done because with every step you are reaching above and get the ability to do more and move mountains. 


  1. Money Is Not Everything

For all the things that Steve Jobs achieved, none was done with an intention to bring money but to introduce change to the world. All of his projects were designed to bring amazing products to bring something better to the table – his table was obviously the whole world. We can learn that by incorporating this fact into our lives that he never went after money. Money was never Jobs primary goal and that is one valuable lesson to acquire. If the focus is only on money and generating revenue, then morals, value and giving something to society can be potentially compromised – that is when the objectives need revisions and rethinking. 


  1. Be Curious – Question. 

Being curious and questioning may sound annoying to the majority in the room; too much for an introvert; Going extra mile for people who are content. However, as a matter of fact, curiosity is a potential sign that you are smart. Smart people tend to ask a lot as compared to anyone else. Not to my surprise, Steve Jobs used to question everything. Starting from religious beliefs when he saw homeless and starving people to everything that he found intriguing. Questioning things oftentimes become the foundation for many future prospects; you end up getting exploring new dimensions to the things we usually pay no attention to. If someone constantly questions out of curiosity, they will find out why certain things are done in the same manner over and over again. 


  1. Technology 

It may sound like it is more relevant to Steve Jobs only as his work dealt with technology and this is where he found his passion. However, in today’s digital world where we open our eyes with a digital alarm either in our smartphone or externally and the last thing we see before closing our eyes is also digital – digital knowledge and updating skills according to technological updates is crucial. Everything and every sector are updating to the latest technology by using various Xfinity internet deals by Buy TV Internet Phone, it’s better to learn than to lag behind the rest who are well equipped and tech-savvy.

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