In our global village, communication has transcended the basic means that humans once held dear. The internet has taken things to a whole other level and people can now have their thoughts voiced out to millions of people through platforms and from the comfort of their bedroom. These platforms come with special features and they are called social media. Social media that are prominent today include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

These social media, apart from simple communication, open a lot of other doors of opportunities. Once can use it to amplify their art, advertise, earn money, and even campaign for social change. A person that has an expansive reach on social media is typically called a social media influencer. Influencing on social media is a responsibility that not many aspire to reach, however, it is worth noting that becoming a social media influencer is a protracted process. Not every person has the charisma and eloquence to get thousands to millions of people perched at the edge of their seats waiting for every word one has to say. It takes resilience and consistency to reach the level of influencer in this cynical space called the internet.

Tips for becoming an influencer

Becoming an influencer requires certain qualities to be had. Most of it is ties to the ability to draw people towards your social media account and keep them interested in you for an elongated period of time. That is especially hard, as the world is presently hyper-critical these days and only the most spellbinding people reach that level in a niche, they are comfortable in. A person can decide to become a political influencer but grow his or her account through alluring pictures of themselves that would draw attracted people who would translate to people interested in politics. This can be done easily if the necessary aplomb is applied, but if not, such a situation can go sideways, and such a person can end up with politically apathetic followers. Here are a few tips to grow an Instagram account.

Be original

A hypocrite is an unprincipled person fundamentally. If you claim to be things you are not, your followers would not trust your influence. Original people are naturally charismatic, even if they are lacking some other qualities.

Use unconventional means

Psychology insists that people are drawn naturally to what other people are drawn to. If you buy followers, people would be curious to know why so many people follow you and would naturally want to follow you too. You can also buy Instagram likes so to up the ante and make your posts look more alluring.

Be interesting

Nobody likes someone who has the personality of a wet towel. If you have no niche in which you are comfortable, you would be seen as a shallow person. To become interesting, one had to be unconventional, articulate, charismatic, and able to draw people through your posts. You can also diversify to provide your followers with more content, and keep them waiting for the next post from you




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