Buying Guide: 5 of the Best Tissot Watches for Men 

The majority of watch enthusiasts agree that Swiss companies manufacture the most superior luxury watches in terms of quality, engineering efficiency,  durability, and reliability. They are giant corporations with over a decade or a century of watchmaking experience. Throughout those years, they successfully positioned themselves as the market leaders in the industry and on top of the minds of watch collectors. They remained popular amidst the quartz crisis and current digital innovations. 

Among the Swiss luxury brands that are worth knowing is Tissot. If you are looking for premium quality watches at relatively lower prices than Rolex and Omega, then choose from Tissot’s collections. It never fails to offer innovative, beautiful, and stylish timepieces. Check out the list of Tissot watches below that are great for every kind of wearer including divers, office workers, and casual wearers. 

A brief history of Tissot

Tissot is a small family company launched in the Swiss town of Le Locle in 1853. It spent its early years in the industry manufacturing watch parts for other companies instead of independently making its own. After a few years, it shifted into producing pocket watches just like its competitors. Due to its high-quality products, it received various awards contributing to its high reputation today. 


It was only in the early 1900s that the company adapted Tissot as their brand name. As time passed by, the company became more and more recognizable that it even caught the attention of popular and legendary watch brands. There came a time that it merged with Omega for a few years. After the merger, Tissot saw an increasing demand for its watches, consequently raising its sales. To continue this kind of success, the company implemented aggressive marketing strategies including partnering with several athletes and celebrities in campaigns and sponsorships.

What are the Best Tissot Watches for men? 

  1. T0636103603700

The Tissot Men’s T0636103603700 is under the T-classic collection released by the company. If you are looking for a dress watch complete with all the necessary features, then this one’s for you. Its simple three-hand display is oozing with brilliance and class. Another reason why you should get this watch is its affordable price that will prevent you from breaking the bank.


Although it is a watch designed to match classy suits and pants, it still looks good with casual attire such as jeans. Its large case diameter of 42 mm will not look out of place even if you use it for both formal and informal occasions. It features a date complication, 21 mm leather band, and triangular hour markers making the watch more visually appealing. The company guarantees that it is highly accurate and resistant to water because of its quartz movement and sapphire coating. 

  1. Visodate watch

If you are looking for a watch that is worth your money, then this is your go-to option. It is one of the most expensive watches from this brand because of its very elegant and charming retro design. No matter what clothes you wear, you will instantly look classy if you wear one of these Visodate watches. 


The case diameter of this watch is 40 mm which is larger than the typical watches manufactured by Tissot. Its 316L surgical steel casing makes it durable and long-lasting. You will not have any problem with reading the time because it has slightly curved hands to reflect light for improved visibility. The company coated it with sapphire crystal making it resistant to scratches. If you are fond of diving activities, you will love this model because of its leather band and ability to survive in water up to 100 ft.

  1. T-Classic Dream

Another watch from the T-classic collection is this Tissot men’s T-classic dream. If you love everything simple and minimalist, then this is a great addition to your collection. It has a very minimal design meant to fit in formal social gatherings. If you examine the watch, you will find out that it has three-hand dials, date complications, and an all-white face making it beautiful and elegant. It adds a little touch of vintage aesthetics through its roman numeral hour markers.


The company promises that it will not experience corrosion due to its stainless steel case. Everything looks perfect, from its 38 mm face diameter and leather strap to its sapphire crystal coating that prevents scratches and scrapes.

  1. T0636101605800

A good-looking person deserves this handsome watch with great Swiss quality and durability so don’t settle for less. Its black color face paired and black leather strap works well together making it versatile and suitable for all types of occasions. It features a simple three-hand dial, date complication, and roman numeral hour markers that contribute to its sophisticated design.


You can find the date function on the right side while the minute markers are on the outer rim of the face. Your colleagues can easily notice it because of its silver marking on top of the black face, a large case with a diameter of 42 mm, the thickness of 11 mm, and a black leather measuring 22 m. You can take this watch during swimming because it is resistant to water but it can’t withstand diving activities.

  1. T0636173603700

If you want a dress watch with additional features, then this Tissot men’s tradition T0636173603700. Aside from telling the time, it also has a chronograph complication. It has an aesthetic look that can improve your overall fashion style. 


This watch features three-sub dials which display 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and  1/10 of a second. All of these complement each other and do not prevent the timepiece from looking simple. To achieve a vintage look, it has a pointed triangular numeral, 316L stainless steel case with a rose gold PVD coating. Its high functionality and old-school simplicity would catch anyone’s attention.

In A Nutshell

High-end luxury timepieces cost thousands to hundreds of dollars. If you are looking for a less expensive yet high-quality option, you may opt to buy watches from Tissot. To discover more watches from this brand, head over to The Watch Company!  


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