Why is hiring a spit a good option?

A spit is an advanced barbeque cooking equipment. A spit is a piece of specialised cooking equipment specifically designed to cook pork. It has the twin benefits of curating the most delicious pork and enhancing the look of the lawn or where the spit is placed. You can always hire a spit instead of buying it. For spit hire for pork, you can find dozens of companies on the internet.

The average time it takes to cook pork on a spit.

It takes roughly 6 to 8 hours for the whole hog to cook. Generally, people place the hog around 2 pm in the evenings to make the hog ready for dinner or around five early in the morning for lunch.

Why hire a spit

The equipment or machines used to cook pork, like a spit roaster, are expensive. Usually, restaurants or catering services invest in such devices as it is their business to cook daily. A spit hire for pork is an excellent option as it saves money and space. One does not have to make a permanent place in their lawn or backyard for this considerable equipment. Moreover, since it is not used daily for domestic purposes, hiring a spit roaster whenever required is the best option.

People hire a spit during festivals and holidays like birthdays, family gatherings, Christmas, and thanksgiving.

Benefits of a spit hire

The professionals, when the equipment is delivered, explain the usage of the machine. They provide an instruction manual and show how the machine works. Helpline number and customer care are always available if one is hiring from a professional agency.

Moreover, one does have to worry about installing the equipment. The agency from which the spit is hired sends people to install the equipment and also provides essentials like gas, wood, etc.

It is an excellent investment option from time to time for domestic purposes. It results in a lot of savings as compared to purchasing it.

A spit roast enhances the appearance of the place, especially in the evening. The fire around the area creates warmth and cosiness combined with the moonlight.

Space required

One has to make the necessary arrangements before hiring a spit. A typical spit roaster would require an area of 3m X 3m. It has to be in an open space to avoid any dangers. Make sure that it is near a plug or any other socket in case of a power-driven roaster.

Standard options available for hiring

If one is looking to accommodate 100 people, a large spit roaster is required with a 50kg hog.

Option 1- The hiring agency, in this case, delivers two shuffle trays and 2 Trestle tables as are necessary for serving. A few times, the hiring agency also provides condiments and sauces necessary for the cooking process.

Option 2- In this case, the agency only delivers and installs the equipment. It does not provide any cooking material for the process. This is an expensive and hassle process as purchasing the hog and sauces separately would require additional investment and a lot of effort.

Tips for cooking

Spit roast professionals suggest keeping the meat or the hog on the different side as opposed to coal and wood. This helps in preserving the spices and sauces from dripping and evaporating. This ensures that the flavour lasts longer in addition to the barbeque smell. It also ensures that the hog is not burnt or overcooked. This is a cleaner process than placing the hog directly above the fire.

The hiring agency offers several options like free delivery, insurance in case of damages, and even chef hire services. It all depends on the person’s personal choice and the intended purpose.

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