What will people remember from the 2022 World Cup?

The 2022 World Cup has raised many questions about the quality of some matches and the timing. However, it certainly did not leave anyone indifferent. France had a chance to defend its championship status, but the national team lost in a hard-fought fight with Argentina. Lionel Messi finally won the trophy, which was not in his collection. World Cup 2022 is already history; the world has to wait for the next tournament. iBet789 accepts bets on the main draw matches and qualifiers for the Mundial almost before anyone else. If users download the branded application, they can make predictions and follow the results from their smartphones or tablets.

The best national team of the Mundial

The world champion title was not won by chance, so the best team was rightly Argentina. The “Albiceleste” were among the favorites before the start of the Mundial, although, according to many experts, Brazil had more chances to win.

The Argentines got off to a bad start. First, they sensationally lost to Saudi Arabia. After that, Argentina never relaxed again, although each game was very dramatic.

The best scorer

The top three scorers of the tournament are as follows:

  • Mbappé;
  • Messi;
  • Giroud.

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Mbappé scored eight goals. The Frenchman’s teammate Messi scored one goal less. Giroud is credited with four goals. It was enough to break Thierry Henry’s record for the national team goals. Many experts believe that Mbappé has a chance to surpass Giroud’s results.

The best goalkeeper

The Argentine goalkeeper showed a few things at the World Cup that was not pleasant. However, he did his job 100%. He often saved the national team in difficult situations, including the final match. Emiliano Martínez played incredibly well in the penalty shootout, leaving his opponents no chance to save.

Who was a disappointment at the World Cup?

The 2022 World Cup was a failure for the German national team. The team failed to qualify for the group stage, finishing only in third place. However, the Germans played poorly in only one game, and the match between Germany and Spain was one of the best in the tournament in terms of the quality of soccer.

The Spaniards were the second disappointment. The team started by defeating Costa Rica but then failed to outplay Germany and lost to Japan. The Red Fury did not show confident soccer in the duel with Morocco. The careful play led to the team being forced to go home already in the 1/8. The Moroccan team, on the contrary, surprised the whole world, passing several top teams in a pragmatic style, losing only to the French in the semi-finals.

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