What to Do When You Are Banned from Facebook Marketplace

Your Facebook account can be banned in multiple ways. There are short bans that just last for a week or a few weeks and that apply to your entire account. There are bans that just keep you from entering specific groups and commenting there. Those groups then become invisible to you. There are also bans that affect your account permanently and will keep your account banned forever with no chance of access in the future.

There’s another kind of Facebook ban as well, which is a Marketplace ban. This prevents you from using Facebook Marketplace at all. You can no longer check out listings on Marketplace or sell anything there either. This kind of ban can be temporary or permanent. We’re going to show you how you can repair the problem if you have been banned from Facebook Marketplace and how you can get your account active again so you can use Marketplace once more.

Why Did the Ban Happen?

First of all, it helps to determine why you were banned. There are many different reasons why Facebook may ban you from using Marketplace, and they could include any of the following:

You harassed someone

·       You posted something illegal, controversial, or something that is potentially a scam

·       You changed your location to somewhere you don’t live

·       Complaints were made about your profile or marketplace use

·       You tried to post something that goes against the terms and services of Facebook Marketplace

There are other reasons as well, but these are the most common ones. It helps to understand why you were banned so you can try to correct the problem if possible. You may be able to make changes to your profile that will get your account unbanned. When you notice a ban, you want to figure out first of all why it was implemented and then look for a way to fix it by changing something on your end.

For instance, if you’re trying to sell live services on Facebook Marketplace, then you may be breaking the terms of what Facebook allows. A business that offers a Las Vegas sweep my garage service might not be allowed by Facebook, even though it’s a perfectly legitimate business. There would be nothing controversial or illegal about this kind of business, but it’s not actually selling a physical product.

Talk to Facebook

Facebook’s administration may send you a message and ask for you to resolve the situation. If this happens, you will have an opportunity to respond to a question about your activity. You may be able to give your side of the story and fix things so that your account is no longer blocked. If Facebook is happy with your answer, they will take the ban off and allow you to resume buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Typically, you have a single opportunity to do this. You may not get a chance to present your case at any other point in the future, so make your case a good one. If there is a blank space in the reply form for you to write, be sure that your response is convincing. Take your time and be very careful about the answers you provide, because they could be incriminating and could result in a further, more extensive ban.

Wait for the Appeal

You may have a chance to appeal Facebook’s decision in the future. In some cases, Facebook will reach out to you once a month and give you a chance to appeal their decision. You may be able to provide additional details, but in most cases, you will simply be allowed to ask for Facebook to look over your case and consider revising its decision. That leaves you with very little power over the situation, but it is better than a permanent ban.

What may occur is that after several months of asking for an appeal, you may be granted one by Facebook just because you have been left off of Marketplace for so long. When the situation is such that Facebook bans you and allows you to ask for an appeal every so often, that means you have received a semi-permanent ban. Facebook administration will tell you that your account is permanently banned, but that is not always the case.

Don’t give up hope and do look out for that once-a-month opportunity to appeal your case. Use it wisely, making any changes to your account that you can. You can delete incriminating messages and change your profile picture or other details. Make sure you don’t do anything else that could result in a ban or that could make you look bad to Facebook’s administration.

Wait for the Ban to Pass

Some bans are temporary and have a set date before they are lifted. Facebook will not always tell you how long the ban is for, but keep in mind that many bans are either 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days. Try waiting for each of these milestones to pass before giving up hope. Check back with your Facebook Marketplace account regularly to see if the ban has been lifted. You can also reach out to Facebook administration and see if they will give you an answer as to how long the ban or for or what you can do to get it lifted.

Keep Yourself Safe

There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from a ban. First of all, familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of Facebook, specifically those that relate to Facebook Marketplace. Keep in mind that these rules may change periodically, so keep up to date on any changes that have been made to them.

You also want to avoid getting involved in any kind of shady business dealings. Be careful of people who want to pay you a lot of money or who offer you work out of the blue. They may be setting you up for a scam that could get your account banned from Marketplace.

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