What to Consider Before You Buy the Perfect Bathtub?

After a hard day at work, imagine coming home and lighting a few scented candles around the bathtub. Then fill it up with bubbles and play soothing music in the background — you won’t want to leave!

Every house needs to have a bathtub or shower. Though it is more common to shower, getting a bathtub has many more pros. It is the best place to relax at home and get stress relief.

You can get baths for sale online, which is much easier than going to a store. People who want to relax, ease fatigue and treat chronic pain usually have a bath instead of a shower.

If you feel that it is what you want, go ahead with purchasing a bathtub, but ask yourself these questions first:

1. How do I Plan to Use the Bathtub?

The answer to this would be able to tell you what type of bathtub to get. Getting a regular bathtub will work fine if you want to soak in a bubble bath a few times each week. You can lie in it for as long as you like, and it does not cost much.

However, if you want one with jets or a massager, you will have to spend more. The more features, the higher the price — which is valid for most things. But having a slip-resistant floor, headrests, and grab bars could be necessary. They will help you in case anything happens.

2. How Much Space Does Your Bathroom Have?

Before you choose the bathtub of your dreams, you need to know how much space you have. You must get a smaller bathtub if you have a small bathroom.

The standard bath is 60 inches long, 14 inches deep and 30 inches wide. But today, there are plenty of variations available. You can get customised baths for sale according to the size and shape you want.

To know how big your tub can be, accurately measure your bathroom and doorways and note where the drain is. Another thing to check will be if the tub has a bathtub-shower feature. This is necessary, especially when you have a family.

3. Should I Consider any Unique Installations for the Bathtub?

If you are considering getting the jetted bathtub, you must plan wisely. You need a pump, an electric timer and an air switch. While many pumps fit within the tub unit, a few manufacturers can keep it hidden about 5 feet away.

The air switch that is non-electric can be on the tub. However, the electric timer must be away at a safe distance. Make sure it is a minimum of 5 feet away from your tub.

4. Can My Water Heater Handle This?

The size and type of tub you buy will affect your monthly water bill. A regular bathtub requires two-thirds hot water and one-third cold water.

If you have a hot water tank, will it be able to supply this much water?

Since every tub varies in size, you must do the math and check. Make sure the water heater is big enough to fill your tub with two-thirds warm water.

To Sum Up

Before getting a new bathtub, think about the questions above. You must go through these to avoid making mistakes when picking the right type and size.

Having a bath often does keep you relaxed and happy. So, after a stressful day, getting in your bathtub to relax will improve everything.

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