What are the Advantages of a Virtual Mobile Number for SMS

It’s no secret that most of today’s apps, social networks and messengersrequire a mobile phone number to register. Linking to a number solvestwo problems at once: it increases security and facilitates authentication. However, difficulties arise when there is a need to register severalaccounts in one service.

In that case, you can, of course, get a bunch of SIM cards and use themto register, but a more convenient and simple way is to use a virtualphone number.

What is a Virtual Mobile Number?

A virtual phone number for receiving SMS is a popular servicenowadays. You do not need to buy a separate SIM card or look forspecial equipment to use this telephone number. Everything happensremotely, so the service is available wherever you have access to theinternet. Typically, these virtual phone numbers are active for a shortperiod of time, during which the user can receive a confirmation codemessage for registration on any resource.

For what purpose do I buy a virtual mobile number?

Often virtual mobile phone numbers are used for:

Privacy needs. Whereas a standard sim card is tied to a specificperson, and sometimes issued with a passport, a virtual phonenumber is 100% anonymous. Virtual (cloud) numbers may
belong to different states, so it is impossible to detect their owner, especially in combination with different IP addresses.
The need to register on a website. Even if the web portal has a reliable reputation, it is not always necessary to provide a personalnumber, as possible hacker attacks to gain access to users’ SIM cards cannot be ruled out.
Conducting multiple registrations. It may be necessary to createmultiple profiles and accounts to increase votes, participation inpromotions, voting, mass mailings etc. Using multiple physicalSIM cards is expensive and not rational. It is much faster and moreprofitable to use a virtual phone number.
For online promotion. Virtual phone number allows experiencedprofessionals to create multiple accounts to promote communities, run advertising campaigns, gain subscribers or likes.
Bypass regional restrictions. If a mobile operator is not suitable forcertain regions, especially for overseas resources where there arerestrictions for certain countries, then using a virtual number forSMS will be a good way out of the situation.
Get bonuses from popular services. It is possible to receive gifts andbonuses from various sites, which require validation of phonenumber.


What are the pros and cons of using virtual numbers?

Using virtual phone numbers is convenient and profitable, because ithas many advantages:

1. Ease of use – no need to buy equipment or have special knowledgeto use it, you can buy a number in just a couple of clicks;
2. Comfort – it is easy to separate work and personal accounts insocial networks and messengers, and clients from other countrieswill see the phone number they are used to;
3. Low price – allows you to use virtual phone number withoutbuying an additional SIM card;
4. Mobility – the number can be used from anywhere, even whentravelling between countries.

The only disadvantage is the need for a stable Internet connection, because even in our time it is not possible everywhere. Also, worthnoting is the fact that you cannot get a virtual phone number forever.

Where can I get a virtual mobile number?

One of the proven companies providing free sms number services forSMS verification is SMS-man resource. The website allows anyone toget a virtual mobile number from over 150 different countries to registeron any website or application.

Step-by-step guide on how to buy virtual number for registrationvia SMS-man:

Step 1. Go to sms-man.com and register;

Step 2. In the menu on the left-hand side, select “Top up balance” section;

Step 3. After refilling your balance, go back to the home page andselect the country of your future Temporary phone number;

Step 4. Then, in the search box, enter the name of the service you wishto create an account with;

Step 5. Next to the chosen service, click on the “Buy” button. Now thepurchased one-time number is ready to use, and is displayed in yourpersonal cabinet.

Use the received phone number for registration. Once the SMS is sent, you can retrieve it in your personal cabinet by clicking on the “ReceiveSMS” button.

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