Types Of Dinner Plates Included In Your Dinnerware

Suppose you love hosting dinner parties and get-togethers. You need the best dinnerware sets. While dinner plate sizes have gone up to 29.5 to 31 cm in diameter, several types of the plate exist.

Plate size and type play an unequivocal role in how you eat and what you eat. Moreover, the dinner plates come in various patterns and colours, which also contribute to your eating patterns. Did you know that there are specific plates for specific food items?

This article will enlighten you about the various types of dining plates you get with your tableware and their function.

Top 6 types of plate

Tableware sets often come as a 5-piece set, 12-piece set, or 20-piece set. Depending on what resonates with your dining table and interiors, you get them in various materials and styles.

While most sets will have several plates, bowls, and other crockery items, each of the sets will necessarily have these top six types of dining plates:

1. Dinner plate

The dinner plate is the main course plate. It is primarily a flat and circular plate that might have a diameter of almost 31 cm or less.

Generally, you bring out this plate after the salad plate and use this the longest. Your main dish is served on this flat or concave round plate. Furthermore, you can use this plate for both lunch and dinner.

2. Appetizer plate

Appetizer plates, as the name suggests, are used to serve your entrée dishes. They are slightly larger than bread and butter plates and are approximately 17cm in diameter. They generally have a curved edge.

This plate is often placed on the side of your dinner plate, and you can serve cheese or fruits.

3. Bread and butter plate

These are small plates of 15cm in diameter. Bread and butter plates are often called quarter or side plates as they are placed beside the fork. Essentially used for serving bread and butter, these plates elevate the dining experience as you provide a separate plate for bread and butter.

4. Salad bowl

A salad bowl or plate is used to serve enriching and delicious salads that look colourful. These plates are generally placed with a dinner plate and are the base for the main course. They come in 20cm to 22cm in diameter.

Often, you get salad plates that are concave and resemble a bowl.

5. Soup plate

The soup plate or bowl comes in different shapes and sizes. Typically, they have an arch and resemble a bowl to hold watery dishes. Generally, if you have brothy soups, you serve them in deep soup bowls and clear soups in tiny cups.

In essence, a typical soup plate is 9-10 inches in diameter.

6. Dessert Plate

As the name suggests, a dessert plate is used to serve the sweet goodness at the end of the meal. It is usually 18 cm in diameter and is used for formal and informal get-togethers. These plates are small and perfect for holding a slice of pastry or tart.


When you host an expensive dinner party with several guests, you want to ensure you have the right dinnerware. This means you must include various types of dinner plates according to the food you choose to serve.

Some of the plates you must have included the dinner plate, appetizer plate, dessert plate, bread and butter plate, soup plate, and salad bowl. Each plate is of the appropriate size to consume a certain type of food.

These types apart, you also get these plates in various materials, including stoneware, earthenware, ceramic, porcelain, bone china, and other materials. You must ensure you get the important types of plates in the best material that matches your home

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