The Basics of a Wedding Suit

If your special day is approaching, you’re probably looking for the perfect clothes. While brides have several designs and options, men have limited choices regarding wedding suits.

Everyone wants to look good on their wedding day so finding a suit that makes you stand out is important. While you may not have many options, understanding a suit’s basics can make all the difference.

Things to consider when buying wedding suits

Knowing that wedding suits require a considerable investment from you, it is important to do your research properly. After all, you need to make it worth it!

Here are some important elements you might want to consider:

Planning: The planning phase takes the longest. Looking for the suits 2-3 months before the wedding is important. This is because the selection process includes several steps, like choosing the fabric, styling, stitching, and analysing if everything fits the bill.
Browsing options: When looking for options, choosing between renting and purchasing is important. Most of the time, grooms are torn between getting the best look or owning the suit. In such cases, always go for the former option.
Reusing the suit: Since you’ll have to pay a considerable amount for a suit, why not opt for the one you can wear again? Otherwise, what’s the point of buying the perfect suit only to leave it packed after your wedding?

These are the superficial factors that play an important role. The following section covers some of the groom dressing etiquettes that must be taken care of.

Basic groom dressing etiquettes

Did you know that there are dressing etiquettes for grooms as well? Every special day has its own set of requirements. This means a new set of clothes for you to buy.

Here are some suggestions for choosing a classic wedding attire as per the dressing etiquette:

Morning dress: This is apt for a formal gathering during the daytime. The set includes a morning coat, waistcoat, and trousers.
Tailcoat: A tailcoat is not everyone’s choice because it is a part of extremely traditional weddings.
Tuxedo: If the wedding is highly formal and includes a huge gathering, a Tuxedo might be a perfect choice for it. This is primarily suitable for evening functions.
Three-piece suit: It is one of the preferable choices because it gives multiple options for reusing. Additionally, you can experiment with the fabric when it comes to a three-piece suit.

Now that you know the classic choices in wedding attire, it is time to go deeper. The next section covers some of the most important elements in your wedding suit.

Essential elements in a wedding suit

Considering the investment of a wedding suit, you must check the most important list. Here are some important things to look for in a wedding suit:

Fabric: Choose a fabric that suits the ongoing season and is wearable at all times of the year.
Stitch: Do not forget to test the tailor’s fit to avoid the last-minute hustle.
Accessories: It is the little things that enhance a groom’s look. Make sure you don’t go wrong with this one.

Final verdict

There is no denying that the wedding day is one of the most memorable days in anybody’s life. Hence, if budget is not a constraint in your case, going for 100% customisation is always the best option.

However, adding a cap to the expenditure would be wise to ensure the customisation is worth it. Photo Booth

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