The Amazing Qualities of Flax Linen

Flax fibres are woven into a fabric to make French linen. Flax used to make French linen sheets are grown in France, where the weather is cool and suitable for growing this crop.

This high-quality linen is trendy not only because it looks and feels expensive but also because it is easy to care for, and French farmers grow flax in ways that are good for the environment.

The most significant benefits of sleeping sheets made from 100% flax linen

1. It’s very comfortable

When it comes to style, there’s nothing like French linen sheets to turn your bedroom into a luxurious space with a timeless look. Linen’s simplicity, texture, and natural look will go well with traditional and modern interiors.

Linen bedding is brilliant because it comes in many colours, from rust to sage. Whether you like soft colours or brighter ones, linen bedding is a good choice. It gives any room a casual yet elegant look.

2. It allows for the circulation of air

Flax linen lets a lot of air through and does a good job transferring heat. In other words, it’s a fabric that lets air in and keeps you comfortable, no matter what time of the year it is. It is ideal for people who sleep hot but can’t sleep without protection in the summer or who get cold quickly in the winter.

With an excellent GSM of 170, linen bedding is light enough to keep you cool in the summer, heavy enough to keep you warm in the winter, and thick enough to stand up to wear and tear, making it easier to get that all-important rest.

3. It soaks up sweat and water

Linen fibres are hollow and can hold up to 20% of their weight in water before they feel wet. It means that linen bedding always feels cool and dry to the touch.

Linen keeps you cool and comfortable night after night, regardless of the weather, because it absorbs sweat from your body.

4. It has a beautiful feel to it.

Flax linen has a unique feel that is understood by touching it. It gets softer with every wash (so you don’t have to use fabric softener), and the breaks in the fabric give it a light massaging effect, making it very gentle on the skin.

5. It repels dirt

Your bedding is naturally resistant to stains, so it will look clean and bright for a longer time. But you should wash your set often to keep it clean because it will get softer as you use it.

6. It lasts for a long time.

It cannot be enjoyable when your carefully chosen bed sheets show signs of wear. Most bedding doesn’t stay clean and beautiful for very long, but linen gets better as it gets used.

Linen thread is twice as strong as cotton or wool because it can stretch a lot. It is thicker and more robust than cotton by about 30%.

7. It’s good for the environment

Right now, environmental issues are critical and likely affect almost every part of your life. Even if you already recycle your trash and try to use as little plastic as possible, you might not have thought about what you sleep on.

Flax grows better with less water and pesticides than cotton does. Every part of the crop is used, even the parts that don’t go into making linen. For example, linseed oil is made by pressing the seeds. Linen is a renewable resource that is used over and over again. It can also be broken down and reused.

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