Most Popular Slot Game Themes

Slots have played an essential part in the growth of the casino industry for some time. Throughout the years, these games have gone through significant changes in their design and features. Developers have attempted to increase slot features to appeal to gamers of all types.

When free no deposit spins slots were first introduced, they had a simple setup with three reels and a single pay line. Today, they have at least five reels and 20 paylines. The themes have also been increased, and today you can find slots of all nature. Below are some of the most popular slot game themes.

Ancient Rome

Enjoy a view of the Gladiators and Colosseums showing off their ferocity in a slot game with ancient Rome themes. Slots with this theme have been designed in all types of creative ways, and you will never get bored playing.

The Gladiator slot, for example, is based on the movie with Russel Crowe and is filled with many characters on the reels, but the progressive jackpot is what makes things interesting. Other popular titles with the Ancient Rome theme include:

  •         Tiger’s Glory
  •         Gladiator
  •         Rome Rise of an Empire
  •         Caesar’s Empire

Asian Theme

Slots with the Asian theme tend to be very relaxing. The soft music and the flowers and pagodas create a soothing environment for you to chase after the big bucks. Asian-themed slots dominate online slots such that it is unlikely that you would visit any casino and not come across at least one slot with this theme. Some of the best titles with Asian themes are:

  •         Legend of the White Snake Lady
  •         Golden Money Frog
  •         Eastern Emeralds

Christmas Theme

It doesn’t have to be December for you to play Christmas-themed slots, as slots with this theme have reels spinning all year round. You can find some of the best Christmas theme slots from various developers like Real Time Gaming. Some popular titles include:

  •         Santa’s Riches
  •         Christmas Carol
  •         Book of Santa
  •         Rudolph Awakens

Ancient Egypt Theme

Ancient Egypt captured the hearts and minds of people for a long time. Whether it is the tale of Cleopatra, the beauty of the pyramids, or the mystery of the sphinx, Egypt always fascinates. It is this fascination that has seen the creation of many Egyptian-themed slots. Not only does the mystery that surrounds this era make for a great ambiance, but the rich colors and gold statues make part of the grand design and theme.

  •         Popular Egyptian-themed slots include:
  •         Eye of Horus
  •         Mystery Museum
  •         Book of Dead
  •         Cleopatra

TV and Movies Theme

If you love movies or TV series and enjoy playing slots, there are no better games to play than those based on your favourite film or show. Slots with a TV theme are an instant hit, and the fact that the developers capitalize on an already popular genre seems to add to their appeal.

Some of the popular TV and Movie themed slots include:

  •         Narcos
  •         The Goonies Return
  •         The Flash
  •         Jurassic Park

Probably, you will find most of these themes appeal to you in the protein realm. There is pretty much that you can play online based on what you like. May it be mythologies, ancient Egypt, Asian, or TV themes, there is something for everyone.

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