Level Up In Ludo With these Foolproof Tricks

Ludo is widely known and recognized as the “King of Board Games” by many worldwide. The prestigious title conferred upon the classic board game became justified when it emerged as the most popular game during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Even though the game is fun and exciting in the conventional offline mode, the majority of the masses prefer playing ludo online. This is because the online iterations of the classic game offer numerous advantages to players, such as easy accessibility, opportunities to win exciting rewards, promotional offers, etc.

Despite being fun and highly enjoyable, ludo is still a strategy-based game. Hence, players need to have certain strategies and tricks up their sleeves to ensure winning matches against their opponents. Here are some foolproof tricks and strategies following which players can level up in ludo games:

Play With Multiple Tokens

In almost every match of ludo, irrespective of whether players enjoy the game online or offline, every participant has four playing pieces. The primary goal of every player is to make every one of their tokens come out of the house by rolling a 6 using the physical or virtual die. Once a playing piece is out of its house, the player can begin moving them toward the base as per the die’s rolls.

When it comes to strategies and tactics to march tokens, most players prefer moving only a single piece at one time toward the base. Although this tactic is useful in some cases, it has numerous loopholes, out of which the risk of it getting eliminated early by opponents is the most prominent one.

Hence, every player is advised to open all their playing pieces first and then move all of them simultaneously. Doing so requires a mixture of good rolls, precision, and awareness. However, it also increases players’ chances of making their playing pieces reach their base much more quickly.

Focus on Eliminating Opponents Tokens

Offense is considered as the best defense. What the majority of players follow in ludo games is a defensive strategy, i.e., they try to avoid picking elimination battles with opponents’ playing pieces. This strategy is helpful in certain cases, but in most of them, it limits players’ chances to win matches.

On the other hand, following an attacking strategy, i.e., focusing on eliminating players’ tokens, is a great way for players to increase their chances of winning the game. Besides making opponents roll 6s to take their playing pieces out of their houses, eliminating their tokens significantly takes a toll on their morale and confidence.

Hence, it is advised that players should try chasing their opponents’ tokens and attempting to eliminate them whenever possible. It is a foolproof trick that can help players race ahead of their opponents in any ludo match.

Place Playing Pieces on MIlestones to Create Obstacles for Opponents

The main aim of players in ludo matches, as mentioned earlier, is to ensure their tokens reach the base before their opponents’ playing pieces do. Besides this, players who wish to emerge victorious should constantly try eliminating their opponents’ playing pieces. However, players may not always get the best numbers when rolling. Hence, an effective alternative that can work wonders when the player’s luck is not shining is blocking the path of players.

Throughout every ludo board, there are multiple checkpoints or milestones which protect playing pieces from getting eliminated. It is advised that players should place one or two playing pieces on milestone points and wait for their opponents’ tokens to pass ahead of them. Once the playing pieces of opponents are ahead of the player’s, the latter can use their piece to eliminate the former’s piece. This method is highly used by pro ludo players in almost all matches.

Keep an Eye on Opponents’ Pieces at all Times

Having top-class strategies and tricks is useless if players do not know how and when to use them. Hence, in every ludo match, players should keep an eye on their opponents’ playing pieces at all times since doing so will help them find loopholes in their gameplay, thereby creating the perfect opportunity to use a counter strategy.

Besides allowing players to implement strategies at the right time, keeping an eye on opponents also assists players in planning their next moves. Hence, every player who wishes to emerge victorious in ludo matches must remain observant of their opponents’ moves and the position of their pieces at all times.

Maintain Composure and Remain Calm

Most ludo matches last for half an hour to an hour. However, there are various instances when they last for longer than anticipated. This generally happens when all the players in a ludo match are playing a defensive game, i.e., playing it safe without taking risks. When this happens, most players lose their cool, get anxious, and make reckless moves to get the game over.

Doing so puts them at a major disadvantage, and their opponents get the upper hand. Hence, every individual who wishes to shine in ludo games should always try to maintain their composure and remain calm, especially when a match is taking longer than anticipated to get over. Doing so will help them make calculated and logical moves and eventually assist them in winning matches.

In ludo, skills play a more prominent role than all other factors. Thus, players need to have top-tier tricks like the ones mentioned above to ensure winning matches against even the most skilled players.

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