Different forms of online casino bonuses common with modern platforms

Playing at online casinos is a hobby and an interest that continues to grow every year. More and more people in India and around the world are interested in playing at these casinos and turn to them for entertainment, and nowadays, there are many different platforms one can choose to turn to. ทางเข้าFun888

Many of these casinos also offer up the ability for new players to receive bonuses when they first start their account. These bonuses typically come in three different variants, and in this article, we’re going to provide you with a brief overview of the most common forms of bonuses there are. If you’re on the lookout for a casino to gamble with, we recommend that you turn to jackpotslayer, as they have an overview of different platforms and list their bonuses in conjunction with this. 

Welcome bonuses are the most basic of the three 

Welcome bonuses are just that: bonuses that are given when a player creates their account and performs their first transfer of funds to a website. This sum is often set at a fixed amount and acts as a nice boost when first getting started on a platform. However, welcome bonuses are getting phased out more and more in favor of their bigger brother, the deposit bonus. You should consider this before getting started at your online casino. 

Deposit bonuses 

Deposit bonuses are, as the name implies, a form of bonus given when a player makes a deposit. All platforms are different in the way that they go about dealing with this, but in general, a deposit bonus generally means that the platform in question doubles or triples the amount of money that has been deposited. This usually has an upper limit to how much money one can receive, which differs from casino to casino. If you have the choice between a casino that offers a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus, it’s usually better to aim for a deposit bonus. 

Free spins 

Free spins are a modern form of casino bonus that, as the name implies, gives the player a number of free rounds that can then be used throughout the platform. More often than not, this bonus is provided as an addition to a welcome bonus or as a deposit bonus and can then be used on only a smaller selection of games. 

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