Blind Maintenance and Cleaning

Interior design trends look at both aesthetics and function. Window blinds look elegant and provide privacy. With over 56% of all Australian buildings incorporating blinds, maintenance and cleaning require overseeing. From hospitals and offices to comfy homes, window blinds fit in anywhere. However, very few people consider blind cleaning and maintenance.

The small spaces and frequent outdoor exposure due to placement make dust accumulation easy. Without regular blind cleaning, these elegant blinds can turn dusty and dirty. Worry not, and read on to understand what care your window blinds need.

Should you opt for Window Blinds?

Window blinds look elegant and add a modern touch to your decor. Bright and white blinds are becoming increasingly popular, with over 30% of all houses having them. While they are not as fluid as curtains (that can be brushed aside and tied up), they give you more control over light intensity. Full-coverage blinds also come with the added perk of privacy.

Structure of Window Blinds

Window blinds consist of multiple hard-material slats spaced closely to cover the window. People can draw them back via strings either entirely or partially. One can broadly classify window blinds into horizontal and vertical.

Understanding the structure and type of window blinds you have is essential to enlisting the right cleaning services and maintenance.

Types of Blinds

Venetian Blinds

These vertical blinds are the most common window blinds seen in Australian households. They are typically aluminium and provide full coverage (no light entry), semi coverage, and no coverage options. The slats are relatively easy to clean because of the prominent spaces between them.

However, the slats remain interconnected, making deep cleaning problematic.

Regular vacuuming removes dirt particles, and one can use a damp cloth to remove dirt stains. Dirt can build up at the salt junctions, and you should contact professional cleaning services at least once a year.

If you can take the blinds down, lay them flat and wash them with soap and water. The soapy water and sponge method works wonders for heavily soiled slats. Thick fabric-based slats need thorough sun-drying immediately. Although this works similarly to a deep clean, many find the process tedious and would instead call experts.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are also vertical blinds. They are typically vinyl-coated, making them sturdy and waterproof.

Although classy, these blinds rarely have semi-private slat options. Light control depends on how far up someone rolls them. Vacuuming and wet clothes suffice for regular maintenance.

However, cloth roller blinds require different cleaning. Upon removing them from the window, they need soaking in a soapy warm water bath, followed by careful sponge scrubbing.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are essentially a cross between blinds and curtains and are vertical. These cloth blinds are pretty and elegant with neat pleats upon folding up.

However, dust and dirt lines are prominent with these window blinds. Without regular maintenance, the blinds can look dull and shabby.

Fortunately, roman blinds are as easy to clean as dirty. Regular cleaning does not require taking down from the window. Vacuuming with the upholstery settings removes any dirt present on the fabric.

Using darker shades of fabric can help reduce the need for a water wash.


Every office drama sees the main character yanking on window blind strings. The strings are the primary functional units of the window blinds, and a broken string translates into a broken blind. Always be gentle while folding up or letting down blinds.

Many slats that use hard materials are easy to break. Some slatsconsist of wooden frames with overlaid cloth, and these are some of the most fragile options (depending on wood thickness)

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