8 Ways to Find a Perfect Book Editor for Your Genre

Till now, you might not have heard that book editors also work with particular genres. There are editors who are experienced in nonfiction, and then there are those who only work with fiction books. Therefore, before you finalize the deal with a book editor, it is crucial to know what genre they work in.

It will not only make their job easy but also result in a more polished and professional book that is ready for publishing. But where do you start, and how do you know you’ve found the editor for your book? There are a few important things to keep in mind, and we’re going to mention them below.

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1. Compile a List of Editors in Your Genre

You can count this as the first step in finding the right book editor for your book. Make sure to do thorough research on all the available book editors in your area that work with your book’s genre.

For example, if you are looking for fiction book editors in London, make sure to make a list of 4 to 5 editors you can find working with the genre of your book. Also, take a look at their rates and experience. You can then interview them according to your preferences and ask them what their views are on your book.

2. Identify the Editing Services You Need

There are many different kinds of editing, from simple proofreading to more complex developmental and copy edits. Sit down to read your book once again and think about what kind of editing is missing in the text or the overall structure of your book.

For example, if you know enough about developmental editing, you can do that yourself, and then you’ll be only left with the copy-editing process. And once you know what type of editingyou need, you can start to look for editors who offer those services.

However, you will have to make sure the editor is capable of doing what they’re claiming. The best way to do this is by going to online directories or the editor’s own website to see the reviews and testimonials provided by their previous clients. If you are satisfied with their services, you can start discussing further.

3. Ensure the Editor is a Good Fit for Your Writing Style

If an editor has no idea about your writing style, they will probably not be able to start editing your book in the first place. That’s why make sure you find an editor who is well-versed in your writing style and whose style of writing and editing matches yours.

The best way to ensure this is to ask for a sample edit from them to see if their editing style is what you are looking for. Finding the right editor will enable you to polish your book the way you want it.

4. Make Sure You Both Share the Same Vision for Your Book

The editor you hire will be pivotal in helping you to improve your book and to get it ready for publication. But in order for them to do their job properly, they need to understand your vision for the book and what you hope to achieve with it.

Sit down with potential editors and discuss your vision for the book. Make sure they are on board with your goals and that they understand what you are trying to achieve. Also, make sure they understand your book’s direction, style, and tone. Only then can you be sure you have found the right editor for your book.


5. Discuss Your Manuscript Synopsis with Them

After you have known that you and the editor share the same vision for your book and its story plot, you can start discussing the manuscript synopsis with them. Take your editor as just another reader and write your manuscript synopsis that explains:

The protagonist, their backstory, and what they want to achieve
The conflict they are in throughout the story
How your point of view and story setting is different

After you have discussed these things with them, ask for their opinion on how things can be made better to attract the maximum audience without limiting the story to a specific age group.


6. Work with a Deadline

As soon as you approach the editor, make sure you share the project deadline with them. You need to have a clear idea of when your book will be finished, and you need to stick to that deadline.

This will help you find an editor who is able to work with you on your timeline and who is willing to put in the extra work to make sure your book is ready on time. By following this approach, you can be sure that your polished and finished product is ready to go out into the world exactly as you had planned.


7. Take Help from Your Literary Agent

Literary agents are expert professionals who have made connections in the publishing industry over their years of experience. Once you have completed your book and landed a literary agent, you can use their help to find an editor in your genre.

They will surely know a lot of people who can edit your book and ensure round-the-clock availability whenever you need them. Plus, once your agent has read your book, they will have a better idea about who’s the right fit for the type of story you have written.


8. Beware of Amateurs on the Web

When you are on your hunt to find the perfect editor, make sure you only go to marketplaces that are reputed and well-managed. Some examples include Reedsy, WriterAccess, and Contena. If you are looking to find a book editor outside these marketplaces, beware of ill-suited professionals.

Remember, you are looking for an editor with the best editing and writing skills and not one with a cool-looking website. One way to ensure this is to only use the above-mentioned marketplaces and secondly, ask the editors for proof of their previous work experiences and any recent publications.

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